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We are much known to the communication fraternity in the Indian Navy. We have custom developed a number of communication solutions in use by the Indian Navy, Bharat Electronics Limited, Mazagaon Docks Limited etc.

Some of our highly successful projects for the Defence Sector are:

  • We design & Manufacture Electronic Interconnect Cards for Bharat Electronics Limited
  • The High Frequency – Interface Unit, developed by us after 2 years of R&D, is now used by all ships & shore communication facilities of the Indian Navy to securely talk to Maritime Surveillance Aircraft with secure voice encryption over HF transreceivers
  • The Sandesh System, developed by us, is used by all ships & Submarines of the Indian Navy to receive and process Broadcast signals, both VLF & HF
  • The Saral System, developed by us, is used by Indian Naval Ships encoding / decoding signals using cipher equipment