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Headquartered in Mumbai, India; we specialize in providing innovative solutions & systems to our diversified clientele. The systems & services offered by us are always of the best quality standards and backed by incomparable expertise. We have been recognized as the leaders of innovation in the industry through our perseverance of dedication and inventiveness.


Mindwave maintains the tradition of being a solution provider who strategically designs and develops innovative tailored solutions to suit the clients’ requirements. We unite immense value along with the ease of use of our systems and this is a major driving force in our ‘people-centric’ approach exclusively for our users. We at Mindwave Systems Pvt. Ltd. are oriented towards quality, and after-sales, we have a very rigorous quality testing procedure to ensure we deliver only the very best product.


We have a mission to present our customers with superior quality systems that are feature-rich and future proof. We relentlessly strive to maintain our brand recognition and spread out our core values. We provide professional, intuitive, knowledgeable, and customer friendly services. With quality assurance as one of our most treasured priorities, we ensure that our products always comply with industry standards and strictly adhere to quality control benchmarks.


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